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1998年仙台にてバンド結成。 バンド名は浮遊感のある語感からきたもので特に 意味はない。そのサウンドは蒼く歪む轟音の中、光りあふれる エネルギーの開放感が特徴。生きている瞬間の実感を確認する ライブが活動主体。現在各メンバーがそれぞれソロプロジェクトなどで活動中。
The Group name "fra-foa" does not have a significant meaning. The vocalist CHISAKO invented this name by the pronunciation of this word shich represented a kind of floating feeling or image. The characteristics of fra-foa's music is, energetic vocal like a flashing blue light out of the roaring sound of distortion guitars and drums. LIVE PERFORMANCE is very essential to fra-foa. Audience perceive the tremendous energy release as well as catharsis from their performance.